This is a head to head drifting race using two identical Toyota GT86s on two identical tracks on the Vehicle Dynamics Area. Each driver starts in opposite directions, races and drifts around the course and finishes right next to their opponent. Very safe and great fun!


Drag racing in the Chevrolet Camaro is done using two cars racing at the same time. The racers accelerate up until the 400 meters mark, then start decelerating. At the end of the strip, cars then make a U-turn to come back to the drag start line via the service road.

SST Hot Laps

A professional racing driver will take you for an incredible ride in the Yas Radical SST. Like its name suggests, this vehicle provides an extreme experience.

Coasting in the Yas Radical SST around the Formula 1® circuit stimulates the senses. Each shift of the gears will make you feel like a champion. Listen to the sound generated by this highly tuned four-cylinder racing engine as the Yas Radical SST accelerates down the pit straight – it’s mind-blowing!

Points to note about the Group Activity:

• Upon arrival at the venue, there will be a briefing.

• Participants will be asked to sign a waiver at the CIO Connect event registration and a copy of their driving license will be required.

• Race suits and helmets will be provided.

• All participants to wear closed, flat shoes.

• Clothing should be covering the arms and legs. We would request that participants wear the polo shirts that will be placed in your hotel room upon arrival.

• The group will be split into 3 smaller groups. Each group will participate in all three activities.